Revision Joint Replacement

Revision Joint Replacement

A joint revision replacement of prosthetic implants in a person who has previously had a complete joint  replacement. In this surgery, known as “reoperation,” an original prosthesis is removed and a new one is inserted. Some joint revisions may require the replacement of a single implant, while others require a complete exchange of all prostheses that were implanted during the original joint replacement surgery . Such a complete revision is a complex procedure that requires extensive preoperative planning, specialized implants and tools, long surgical times, and mastery of difficult surgical techniques.

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When a patient has undergone a surgery on the hip or the knee joint. Which in turn has failed for whatever reason, and requires a second surgery to correct the same , it falls under the category of revision surgery

Generally failure of joint replacement occurs because of two main causes

1 Infective- Wherein the primary joint is infected and requires a second surgery. Surgery maybe just debridement and retention of existing implants with antibiotics in acute infection. In chronic long standing infection however it may require a two stage procedure .

2 Noninfective/aseptic – In this the primary implant may fail by multiple mechanisms, namely

  1. Wear and tear of existing implant especially in long standing cases
  2. Loosening of the primary implant
  3. Issues with stability leading to an unstable joint
  4. Especially with the hip, recurrent dislocations
  5. Trauma to the operated joint leading to fracture around the joint called as peri prosthetic fractures
  6. Chronic long-standing pain where a definite cause is identified and is surgically correctable
  7. In exceptional cases, documented metal allergy may warrant a revision surgery

It depends on the particular patient and situation in question. In cases of complete revision the revision implants are expensive. However every situation may not require complete revision and often selective/partial revision can solve the problem . Overall the cost is specific to the given situation

Yes. With the range of implants available and the improvisation of protocols in revision surgery, almost any case of failure can be successfully managed. It however requires specialised training, skills, knowledge and experience. Identifying the cause of failure correctly and taking precautions to correct the  identified cause is the most important determinant of success.