Prof Eun Kyun Song from South Korea who trained Dr Patil in Joint Replacement surgeries in 2012 visited Pune at Joints For Life Clinic in 2023 to see how well his student is doing . It was a moment of great excitement and gratitude towards my teacher

Dr Abhishek patil had gone to Nigeria in Sep 2023 for conducting out patient examination and conducting joint replacement surgeries at Lagos and Port Harcourt

Dr Abhishek patil has avid interest in academics and regularly delivers talks and training sessions in the field of joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Abhishek Patil, knee replacement surgeon in Kharadi , Pune, India. Clinically examined Mama Cristiana and highly recommended her total knee replacement surgery on both the knees. Convinced with the competencies and skills of the doctor, Mary and family immediately admitted Mama Christiana for her procedure at the Genesis Specialist Hospital in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
This patient 72 year old neglected his knee arthritis to a point where he could barely manage to walk around the house with severely deformed knee. He came to us when he had tried all possible options but couldn’t get any relief. We decided to take this challenging case upon ourself.
You can see him walking at 15 days after surgery. Needless to say he is very happy so is the surgeon. At Joints for life we endeavour to give best results to our patients


Invited to operate at ATMA MALIK Hospital Shirdi to perform a complex hip replacement . Using your knowledge and skills for the unprivileged members of the society is a blessing and a responsibility. Looking forward for many more

72 male. Had bilateral total knee replacement 2 years ago. Had an unfortunate fall and developed a fracture around the prosthesis. An extremely complex fracture that needed an expert solution and experience to manage. Fixation of such fractures can result in issues like the fracture not uniting, infections, stiff knees and more so inability to weight bear and mobilise which at this age is almost a death sentence. The patient was operated with a revision tumour prosthesis in an extremely complex surgery. Went well. And patient was mobilised within 2 days full weight bearing on his feet

A very apprehensive patient who was concerned whether her knee replacement would go well. At 6 weeks she is delighted to see her result and doing quite well.A well done surgery is extremely gratifying. #JOINTS FOR LIFE

First TKR patient at medicover Hospital

Post op day 17. Patient walking comfortably with range of motion upto 120 deg

One of the rarest cases of total knee replacement in a patient below knee amputation

Complex case hip replacement in a patient with congenital dysplasia of hip

Testimonial of a Patient who under went left total knee replacement with us.

Patient operated 4 times elsewhere came to us with dislocation of the operated hip resulting in extreme disability and inability to walk. We revised her hip and she was able to walk immediately after surgery.

Sometimes you get these cases and they challenge your skills your judgement and your principles. And when you deliever the satisfaction is beyond what can be described Special thanks to dr ankur bamne and dr aniket sonawane

End stage Avascular necrosis can lead to debilitating hip pain, especially in young patients. Total hip replacement in a young patient is especially challenging due to their high demands. We at joints for life clinic aim to do our best to give them the best possible results and make their life a little better . Here's our 24 year old 3 months post his hip replacement. The smile says it all

Results of total knee replacement of a patient who came to us all the way from Mumbai . At Joints For Life we endeavor to do joint replacements which will last you your life. That’s our mission..

What more can a Robotic surgery add to your results , when your operated knee replacement patients are doing this within 10 months of surgery .

Complex case of rheumatoid of the knee in a 75 years old lady with extremely osteoporotic bones.

Case of extremely complex hip replacement in a young female with congeniptal dysplasia of hip with 5 cm shortening

Case of total hip replacement done elsewhere which failed due to aseptic loosing and consequent dislocation which revised with cemented hip replacement .

Complex hip replacements in patients with previously operated acetabular fractures

Greatly indebted to you for my knowledge in knee replacement today

Last day at office with my mentor Mr Neil Bergman

Joint replacement surgery is a combination of skills experience and application of correct principles. Here are the results in one of our patients, who was severely disabled by pain and deformity. And these were achieved WITHOUT A ROBOT

Quadriceps tendon injury can be a devastating injury in the youngest and the most athletic people. Here are our results of quadriceps tendon repair in a 74 year old patient , who is on twice weekly dialysis for chronic renal disease, operated by me. Prior to surgery patient was not able to walk even a few steps independently.

With my mentor Prof E K Song

Nothing gives a surgeon more pleasure than seeing his own patients doing well. One of my very first patients from 2013 came to visit us at JFL CLINIC. She is now 7 years following her left total knee replacement and still going strong. After all that's our endeavour. Good JOINTS FOR LIFE

And the series of satisfying results continues. Here's a patient of bilateral total knee replacement done at 81 years of age. Just goes to show that age by itself is not a deterrent to a successful joint replacement surgery.

Doing a joint replacement surgery in young patients is quite challenging. While the demands on the joints are high, at the same time they are expected to last long as well. Here is our patient at end of 1 year following her left total hip replacement. She was only 29 at time of surgery. Hope she enjoys the result for many more years to come. After all thats our endeavour- JOINTS FOR LIFE

A case of complex knee replacement with a hinge knee in a patient with multiple ligament injury